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John Jobe

Dear Giles Parents/Guardians:

The District 80 Board of Education is committed to offering in-person education for our students, and decided last Thursday that D80 would return to in-person learning this week.  Unfortunately, the District now has too many staffing issues to operate our buildings; staff and teachers are testing positive, others are out due to quarantine, and some are out for other legitimate reasons.  We also have too many students who have come to school when they were sick, and when someone in their household was sick.  Now we have several families who have notified us that a parent has tested positive, the student was sick, but the student had been at school this week.  Our partnership with our community is not working to keep COVID out of our school at a time when the positivity rates in the community are so high.

Therefore, STARTING TOMORROW, November 12, Giles School to 100% Remote eLearning.  Leigh School will have one more in-person day tomorrow. On Friday, November 13, D80 will have a Remote Learning Planning Day: there will be no school for any students on Friday.  

Monday we start one week of 100% Remote eLearning at both Giles and Leigh, followed by Thanksgiving Week off.  We then will have a week of 100% Remote eLearning November 30-December 4.

Our next scheduled return to in-person learning will be December 7th.  There is no indication at this time that COVID has spread at Giles or at Leigh, but we can no longer maintain our Hybrid Model.  We urge you to watch your students for any signs of illness.  We have many families that are testing positive and many students who are quarantining due to close contact.  

The D80 Board of Education will be closely monitoring the situation, and we will continue to communicate our district data each Friday.  Thank you for your continued support.  May you stay safe.


Stephanie Palmer

Norridge School District 80

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John Jobe

Our new web site design goes live on November 1st.  The site now features easier navigation, compliance with modern web standards and end user experience guidelines, automatic reformatting to fit varying sized screens, and new URLs specific to each site.  

Visit the district web site at https://www.norridge80.net or go directly to the Giles site by visiting https://giles.norridge80.net or directly to the Leigh site by visiting https://leigh.norridge80.net

Work is still being done.  A web site is technically never done, but we hope you enjoy the new design.  

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