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October 22, 2021 

Norridge School District 80 COVID Information

Updated on Fridays

Norridge School District 80 COVID Stats
Time Period 10/4/2021 - 10/22/2021
Legend Staff Students Total
COVID + Cases 0 13 13
Close Contact with COVID + 0 36 36
Sick / Tested (Awaiting Results) 0 19 19
Sick / Tested Negative 0 106 106
Suburban Cook County Travel Order
Rolling Average COVID + Rate for Zip Code 60706 as of 10/21/2021 is 3.23%*
*Information provided by: http://covid-dashboard.fsm.northwestern.edu/
Test Positivity 7-Day Rolling Avg. for Cook County (Region 10) as of 10/22/2021 is 1.8**




Leigh Tigers,  

We would like to bring to your attention a Netflix show that has been garnering a lot of attention recently, “Squid Game”. We were unfamiliar with this show until it was brought our attention by some of our teachers as something that they have heard students talking about and games that have been talked about at recess. According to an NBC News article “The show follows Seong Gi-Hun, as he and hundreds of other desperate and deeply indebted contestants compete in a violent and often grotesque competition for about $38 million. Only one person can win the prize, and those who lose the series of children's games pay with their lives”. Apparently, Squid Game is all over TikTok and YouTube, as well as show-themed games on Fortnite and Roblox, so your child may have some exposure to this show, even if they do not watch it directly. 

We have asked our School Social Worker, Mr. Barkan and our School Psychologist, Ms. Dorenz to put together a few tips on what you may be able to do at home in terms of monitoring your child's use of technology;  

With the ever-growing use of technology by students, we want to provide you with tips to assist in monitoring your child's use of technology:

  • Stay aware and be involved in your child’s technology use - ask them what they’re watching/interested in, and explore sites and apps together when possible

  • Try not to block all access to technology, but instead help your child learn how to use it safely and positively 

  • Set clear boundaries and use filtering or screen limits as needed

  • Help your child filter through what they see online and navigate fact from fiction

  • Start a gentle, open conversation if you suspect your child encountered something disturbing online and help them make sense of it

  • Encourage them to come to you when they encounter something upsetting online. They’re less likely to open up if they’re worried about getting in trouble or losing access to their devices



Dr. Sean Rabiola, Principal

Mrs. Sarah Mysel, Assistant Principal 


Student Drop off and Pick up Concerns

We are continuously working to make sure that traffic flows as smoothly as it can around Leigh School. While there are some limitations, there are also some things that you can assist with to make this process both safe and smooth for students, other parents and our neighbors; 


  1. While we love to have students on time, we do not have supervision until 8:00am. Please keep this in mind when dropping your child off at school, or when planning the best time for them to leave home in the morning if they walk to school independently. 

  2. Please do not park in areas that are marked with yellow lines, or other areas in which parking is not generally permitted. We have received many calls from neighborhood residents and have witnessed the blocking of our neighbors garages, driveways and alleyways. 

  3. When using the drop off by the South gate (Kindergarten and 1st grade), please utilize the entire area that is striped with the yellow lines (from the gate South to Eastwood). There is enough space for at least 7 cars to drop off at one time, but it holds up the line to wait to get to the stop sign. 

  4. Courtland is one-way during drop off and pick up times;

    • Coming from the North (Lawrence Ave), Courtland is one-way moving South. Traffic is then directed West on Giddings.

    • Coming from the South (Leland Ave), Courtland is a one-way moving North. Traffic is then directed West on Leland. 

  1. Please be careful of students and parents who may be walking through the parking lot. 

    • During drop off, only allow your child out of the car once you are near the drop-off point. 

    • During pick up, please make sure to return to your car as promptly as possible, as other parents may be waiting to exit the parking lot. 

    • Do not back out of the lot. This can result in a dangerous situation, especially due to traffic that may be coming quickly off of Lawrence Ave. 

  2. A reminder that dogs are not permitted on school grounds, with the exception being a service animal. 


We appreciate your help with this!


T-shirt Order

Every year NSD 80 orders shirts for all the students in the district. Please complete this form indicating the desired shirt size for your child by Thursday October 28, 2021. 

Shirt sizes are unisex. 


Note: There are no additional fees for this T-shirt. This is separate from PTA "spirit wear" sale. 


 Tigers of the Week

Congratulations to our Tigers of the Week!  These students were chosen for being extra PAW-some during the week of October 18, 2021.  A big Tiger Pride roar goes out to the following honorees:


Kindergarten: Julia Kolozsy

First Grade: Ubayd Fatak

Second Grade: Lena Krupa

Third Grade: J Thesen

Fourth Grade: Ava Cackowski


Halloween Celebration Information

 On Friday, October 29, 2021 we will be having our annual Halloween Parade. This is an exciting time for the students to showcase their Halloween costumes. We are very excited to have the Giles School Band lead the parade this year.


Schedule for October 29th:
  • All students will go home for lunch from 11:50am - 1:30 p.m. There will be no lunchtime supervision on this day. The children who wish to participate return to school in their costume for the parade and afternoon activities. 

  • Please notify your child’s teacher if they will not be participating.

  • Halloween Parade: The parade will be held on Friday, October 29, 2021 at  1:45 pm (weather permitting).

    • In the event of inclement weather, we will not have the outdoor parade. However, students will still follow the same schedule and we will host an indoor parade for students only that will be livestreamed for parents to view. 

  • All students will be dismissed at 3:05 pm.



Picking out a costume is an exciting event for many of our students. I would encourage you and your family to think creatively as you approach Halloween. Here are some guidelines for costumes that may be worn at school:

  • Please be sensitive to the cultures and customs of others when devising a costume.

  • Costumes may not depict a character that is violent.

  • Weapons, or look-alikes, of any kind are not acceptable attire for school costumes.

  • Costume masks create a hazard for walking, so these may be carried.

  • Since we may not be able to maintain 6 feet of distance throughout the parade, we will be requiring students to wear a face mask for the parade. 



The parade will begin on the corner of Courtland and Giddings and then;

  • West down Giddings to Thatcher

  • South on Thatcher to Wilson

  • East on Wilson to Courtland

  • North on Courtland, back to Leigh School

We are very excited to continue this tradition at Leigh School and we are looking forward to seeing many of you on the parade route. 


PTA Sponsored Trunk or Treat

PTA is excited to help host a Trunk or Treat event at the Salvation Army along with Union Ridge and Pennoyer, on Thursday, October 28th from 5:30-7:00.  The event is open for all students PK-5th grade.  

WE NEED 10 TRUNKS to help make the event a SUCCESS! If you are able to decorate your trunk for this event please use the link below to sign up. 

This event is also seeking candy donations. Candy donations can be brought in to the Leigh office and we will make sure it is brought to the event. 



Treat Distribution at School

 We are asking that students DO NOT bring in any treats or other items to pass out in school for Halloween. In lieu of sending in candy or treats for your child’s class, please consider donating candy for the PTA sponsored Trunk or Treat event. 


 Spirit Week





Ornament Design for Harlem Irving Plaza

PTA Wreath Sale (Coming Soon)






Staff Spotlight

Get to know some of the Leigh Staff. We will include a spotlight, or two, in the tracks every week! 



PAWMart Grand Opening (2nd Running)!

This week our students were able to attend this year’s Grand Opening of PAWmart and it didn’t disappoint.  PAWmart is our school store that has been created in conjunction with our PBIS Program.  PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports and it is the framework by which we at Leigh help all our students succeed by supporting and encouraging positive behaviors.  Our students are recognized for their good choices with Tiger Paws. These Tiger Paws are then redeemed by the students for different prizes they each personally selected.  Students will save their paws in their own Paw Pouches and will then are able to visit PAWmart on our designated shopping dates which happen about once a month.  Shopping in PAWmart gives students a sense of pride in themselves and their actions.   It also motivates them to continue to work hard to be safe, respectful and responsible.  We are excited to share this  meaningful experience with our students with fun merchandise, reasonable pricing and so much more! A special thanks to our PTA for their generous donation to help us stock PAWmart with so many appealing items.  Get ready to see all the treasures that your child earns for being a safe, respectful and responsible Leigh Tiger. 

Things you can do at home to help reiterate our expectations. Ask your child what it means to be safe, respectful, and responsible at different places such as the playground, playing at a friend’s house, in the bathroom, while eating. Help redirect if your child(ren) are not understanding the concept of being safe, respectful, or responsible.


Here is a photo of our showcase with a few items that students can purchase at PawMart!


PTA Sponsored Trunk or Treat

"We've Got Spirit Wear, Yes We Do.

We've got spirit wear, how about you!"


NSF Halloween Glow Rings and Bracelets

First page of the PDF file: LeighHalloween

Bocce Ball Tournament

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Softball Camp

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Market Day

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PTA Membership

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PTA Meeting Dates

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NSF Welcome

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Scraps for Schools

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Gourmet gorilla

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Information for ordering lunch for a Leigh student

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Little Tiger

Monday, October 25th       Mascot Monday  

Wear Leigh School Colors red, white and black.

Tuesday, October 26th        Troll Tuesday

Crazy hair day.

Wednesday, October 27th Wacky Wednesday

Dress as tacky as you can.

Thursday, October 28th      Totally Comfy Thursday

Wear your favorite hoodie sweatshirt and cozy sweatpants.

Friday, October 29th            Festive Friday

Wear black and orange in the morning and come back to school after lunch in your costume for our school parade.

Halloween Parade

The parade begins at 1:45pm.        All students go home for lunch at 11:50am and return to school at 1:30pm. See details in the tracks.