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May 23 , 2024 

Dear Leigh School Families, 

Enjoy the four day holiday weekend!


Michele Guzik

Dear Leigh Families, 

I would like to share some important lessons that we will be sharing with our students over the course of the next week. At our school, we place a strong emphasis on being Safe, Responsible, and Respectful. However, there have been incidents over the past couple of months that have not aligned with these core values. As a community, it is crucial that we address these issues to ensure a positive and inclusive environment for all of our students.

We have decided to take a moment to teach our students about the impact of their words and actions. It is essential that they understand how we all come to school as part of our school family, bringing various gifts that make us unique individuals. These gifts include, but are not limited to; our ethnicity, culture, family traditions, hobbies, and the languages we speak.

To help our students grasp these concepts, we will be incorporating age-appropriate lessons on race, and respect into our curriculum. Here is a brief overview of what the students will be learning:

  1. Kindergarten and 1st Grade

    • We will read the book "The Skin You Live In" by Michael Tyler, which celebrates the beauty of diversity and teaches children to appreciate their own and others' unique features. Through discussions and creating their own “All About Me” web, students will learn about their own attributes and the importance of treating everyone with kindness and respect. You can watch a read aloud of the book at; https://youtu.be/iEvwTx-96AI?si=aTFlwNjgfuqxak3b 

  2. 2nd through 4th Grade

    • Using the PBS KIDS video "Talk About: Race, Racism & Identity," students will explore the concepts of race and racism. They will learn how racism affects people and why it is crucial to treat everyone with respect. The lessons will include discussions and students will create their own “All About Me”  web to help them understand and appreciate their own attributes and those of others.

Here is a sample “All About Me” web; 

These lessons will be taught by one of our social workers at Leigh. The goal of these lessons is to celebrate the diversity within our school community and to ensure that no student feels marginalized or disrespected because of who they are. We believe that by fostering an environment of empathy, kindness, and respect, we can create a safe and welcoming space for all students to thrive. Every student should feel welcome and treated with respect at Leigh School. 

We understand that discussions on these topics can be sensitive. Our approach will be age-appropriate, respectful, and focused on promoting our positive values of Safe, Responsible and Respectful. We want our students to understand that our differences are what make us unique and that these differences should be celebrated, not used to hurt one another.

We appreciate your support and understanding as we work together to uphold the values of being Safe, Responsible, and Respectful in our school. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Sean Rabiola


Kindergarten Preschool Registration 2024
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NSD80 Preschool Calendar
Calendar 2024-2025


Congratulations to our Tigers of the Week!  These students were chosen for being extra PAW-some during the week of May 20, 2024. A big Tiger Pride roar goes out to the following honorees:


Kindergarten: Adam Czykieta

First Grade: Diego Reyes

Second Grade: Grace Ainsworth

Third Grade: Chelsea Danao

Fourth Grade:  Lena Krupa


April Top Tigers

A big Tiger Pride salute goes out to the following students who are being honored as our Top Tigers for the month of April Each month, homeroom teachers are invited to select one student who truly has exemplified what it means to be a Leigh School Tiger.  These students are celebrated with a nomination form highlighting their efforts completed by their teachers, which are then shared with the nominee’s classmates. A special certificate is presented to the Top Tigers and their photos are proudly displayed outside of their classrooms.  

TOTM 042024


Congratulations to this month’s honorees:

Preschool- Nikolaos Anagnopoulos, Andrew Anderson-Wagner & Jibreel Hussein 

Kindergarten- Siera Aga, Alan Horodechny, Aylin Unat & Amelia Zabovska

First Grade-  Ariana Czerniuk, Gabriella Hernandez, Kaiden Jones, Abby Meyer & Maksym Rohovyk 

Second Grade- Salem Castle, Sophia Glica, Ritaj Lhayani, Haralds Puidza-Pilans & Jacob Walkowiak

Third Grade- Aden Badua, Mayia Kritikakos, Olivia Korybko, Oliver Maslanka, Christopher Moreira & Scarlet Santa

Fourth Grade- Emma Backous, Julia Barabas, Marcella Bruno, Waleed Hasan & Nate Meyer

Field Day 2024
Attention District 80
May Newsletter
ABC Countdown 2024

1. PTA again is having School Supply Kit ordering this year.  This opportunity allows you to save time and purchase your child's school supplies and have them waiting at supply drop off.  Below is the link right to the website as well as the attached flyer.  ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY JULY 1st.


2.  Leigh Field Day sign up link.  Leigh Field Day is Friday, May 31st with a rain date of Monday, June 3rd.

Leigh Field Day

3. Summer Spirit Wear Sales are coming up again next week.  Great time to purchase spirit wear for the following school year.

4.  We are also having one final fundraiser to help raise money for our room parents for the 2024-2025 school year.  The fundraiser will be held at Portillos on Wednesday, June 5th (last day of school).  This event will take place from 12:00pm-3:00pm.  Please help us pack the restaurant and raise money for our amazing events throughout the school year.  Please note you MUST mention the attached flyer when ordering either in the restaurant or at the drive through. 

Leigh School Supply Kits
Summer Spirit Wear Flyer Leigh

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!


Travelin' TOM'S Coffee Truck will be there!

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Friday, May 24th Teacher Institute  No School 

Monday, May 27th Memorial Day  No School 

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