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MAY 9, 2021

Norridge School District 80 COVID Information
Updated on Fridays
Norridge School District 80 COVID Stats
Time Period 4/26/2021 - 5/7/2021
Legend Staff Students Total
COVID + Cases 0 9 9
Close Contact with COVID + 0 13 13
Sick / Tested (Awaiting Results) 0 14 14
Sick / Tested Negative 0 101 101
Traveled to Restricted Location (quarantine required) 0 21 21
Suburban Cook County Travel Order
Rolling Average COVID + Rate for Zip Code 60706 as of 5/6/2021 is 4.38%*
*Information provided by: http://covid-dashboard.fsm.northwestern.edu/
Test Positivity 7-Day Rolling Avg. for Cook County (Region 10) as of 5/4/2021 is 4.5**
** Information provided by: http://dph.illinois.gov/regionmetrics?regionID=10

Dear Leigh Families, 

Happy Mother's Day to all of our beautiful mothers!  Thank you for sharing your children with us at Leigh School.  

Thank you to PTA and all of our parents for the gifts, cards, and treats for our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week!  PTA provided a treat for the teachers everyday and ended the week with special awards, baskets, and gift cards.   To quote Sidney Hook "Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques.  The teacher is the head of the educational system".  Thank you for appreciating our teachers last week and every day.  

I hope you are enjoying the new gourmet Gorilla lunch program.  I was in the lunchroom this past week and all of the students agreed the food was good.  Please note: due to Memorial Day weekend they will need all orders for the week of May 31-June 3 placed on the website by Wednesday, May 19.  

Leigh School raised for $7500 for the American Heart Association during the past month.  Mrs. Zywiciel's fourth grade class had the highest number of registrations so they had front seat views when Mr. Balatsos was slimmed for this worthy cause.  Please see the details and pictures on my Classroom Dojo page.  Thank you, Mr. Balatsos and Mr. Woodward for organizing this event.  Bravo.  

The Leigh School ABC Countdown is in full swing.  It was wonderful last week to see so many students participating.  This week we will celebrate F-J with lot of fun activities.  Let's enjoy the last few weeks of this crazy school year together.  

District 80 Summer School

Summer school registration opened last week.  The program runs from June 9th to June 29th at Leigh School from 8:00am to 12:00pm.  The cost of the program for all 15 days is $80.00.  If a child attends 80% of the time, the $80.00 will be refunded.  We are asking for you to pay by check so we can simply hand back your check on the last day.  Checks can be sent with your child or dropped off at the Leigh Office. 

Summer School is open to all District 80 students who will be in First - Eighth grade during the 2021-22 school year.  On the registration form please indicate the grade your child will be in during the 21-22 year.   Here is the registration link:  Click here.

COVID-19 Reminders

If your child has contact with someone with COVID-19, tests positive for COVID-19, or lives with someone who does,  please call Nurse Dolores.  Do not send your child to school.  We all need to work together to keep COVID out of our school so we can remain open with in-person learning.  If your child is sick, he/she must receive an alternative diagnosis or negative COVID test before returning to school.  In addition, if you travel outside of Illinois you will need to quarantine before returning to in-person learning.  Please contact Nurse Dolores and she will assist you.  Do not send your child to school if he/she is sick, tests positive for COVID, has had COVID contact or has traveled outside of Illinois to an orange place or internationally.

Celebrate Leigh Tigers!

Michele Guzik


Little Tiger

Upcoming Events

May 10th

8:10 am-2:45 pm– In-person learning and remote learning

Kindergarten- AM-8:10-10:45                                        PM-12:10-2:45

May 11th 

8:10 am-2:45 pm– In-person learning and remote learning

Kindergarten- AM-8:10-10:45                                        PM-12:10-2:45

May 12th

8:10 am-2:45 pm– In-person learning and remote learning 

Kindergarten- AM-8:10-10:45                                        PM-12:10-2:45

May 13th   

8:10 am-2:45 pm– In-person learning and remote learning

Kindergarten- AM-8:10-10:45                                        PM-12:10-2:45

May 14th 

8:10 am-2:45 pm– In-person learning and remote learning

Kindergarten- AM-8:10-10:45                                        PM-12:10-2:45


First page of the PDF file: ABCCountdown
First page of the PDF file: AchievementAwd-Canes3
First page of the PDF file: LeighYEarbookAvailabletoPre-Order1

April Top Tigers

A big Tiger Pride salute goes out to the following students who are being honored as our Top Tigers for the month of January.  Each month, homeroom teachers are invited to select one student who truly has exemplified what it means to be a Leigh School Tiger.  These students are celebrated with a nomination form highlighting their efforts completed by their teachers, which are then shared with the nominee’s classmates. A special certificate is presented to the Top Tigers and their photos are proudly displayed outside of their classrooms.  Congratulations to this month’s honorees:

Preschool-Ellison Pelikant

Kindergarten- Krystian Adwent, Isabella Hernandez, Logan O'Brien, Olivia Stoffel

First Grade- Nico Cordero-Vazquez, Graziana Dimaggio, Abby Ebreo, Jonah Torres, Zain Yasin

Second Grade- Eva Cholewiak, Michael Copak, Chloe O'Meara, Luciano Paliferro, J Thesen

Third Grade- Tomasz Dudek, Sztmon Karczmarczyk, Nathan Kubkowski, Amani Sheikh, Gianni Squeo

Fourth Grade- David Fiedorow, Will Robertson, Will Rusak, Christina Tanasiichuk, Georgia Vasilas

First page of the PDF file: gourmetGorillaLeighWelcomeletter
First page of the PDF file: In-personMealsOrderingGuideForNorridge
First page of the PDF file: NorridgeWelcomeInstructions2
First page of the PDF file: RemoteMealsOrderingGuideforNorridge
First page of the PDF file: RemoteLunch2

Remote Pick-Up Menu

Gourmet Gorilla Spring Lunch Menu/March Menu

Hot Lunch Menu

First page of the PDF file: SFSPHotLunch-May2021
First page of the PDF file: NorridgeExtraMilkFlyer
Smiling Tooth with Brush

Please remember:

Dental Exams for Kindergarten & Second Grade are due May 15, 2021 per State of Illinois Health Requirements.

Forms are available on the District 80 Website.

Completed forms can be sent via backpack mail, faxed to (708) 583-2053 or emailed to dfischinger@norridge80.net.

Feel free to contact Nurse Dolores at 708-722-2747 if you have any questions. 

PTA Drive In Movie Night

First page of the PDF file: PTADriveInMovieNight1_1
First page of the PDF file: 2021District80Flyer
First page of the PDF file: SantasVillageFundraiserforDistrict80pg2

NSF STEAM Therometer

Norridge School Foundation Steaming ahead with fundraising for the new STEAM Lab at D80. Have you donated yet? have you share
First page of the PDF file: STEAM022321bannerforNewsletter
First page of the PDF file: COVIDRidgewood1
First page of the PDF file: COVIDRidgewood2
First page of the PDF file: COVIDRidgewood4
First page of the PDF file: 2021NorridgeCaresCommunityGrantApplicationFinal
First page of the PDF file: 2021NorridgeCaresCommunityGrantApplicationFinal2

The following PDF flyers was provided by a members of our school community in a non-ADA compliant format.  We have supplied the original PDF first and have attempted to provide all relevant information in an ADA compliant plain text format directly following.

Norridge District 80 PTA

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact one of our Executive Board Members or email us at


President, Athena Kalaras (708) 421-0133

Vice President/Membership, Amanda McPhillips (312) 256-4102

VicePresident/Membership, Jackie Cardamone (847) 767-0407

Treasurer, Jennifer Adams (312) 485-4687

Treasurer, Kim Tolomeo (773) 519-5166

Secretary, Kacie Bratko (773) 527-9660

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